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      2 INTERNATIONAL CAT  SHOWS  2 certificates       F.I.Fe.


September 7-8th, 2013

  Show hall n. 2  at PIACENZA EXPO - Quartiere Fieristico di Piacenza
Le Mose, Via Tirotti 11, 29122 Piacenza

a part of the event  PETFESTIVAL



Invited Judges:



              Mrs.       MARINA VINKEL (EE)           All Breed                       Mr.    GIANFRANCO MANTOVANI      (I)  All Breed

M          Mrs.       BEVERLY ELIAN (RO)           Cat. 1 - 2- 3                   Mrs.   VESNA  RIZNAR  RESETIC        (HR) All Breed 

M           Mrs.      ISABELLE MAILLARD (CH)  Cat. 1 - 2                        Mrs.    KATIA POCCI HAGEMANN        (I)    Cat.  3


                          Saturday  separed BIS BREED for SACRED BIRMANs

Sunday separed BIS BREED for MCOs

provided that the numbers of cats will respect the FIFe rules


The entries need to be received within Wednesday August 28th, signed by your Club, at the following address

Mauro Ferrari -  Via dei Giacinti, 32 -   41126 Modena Italy    e-mail:mauro@aristokat.eu   mauro@starcats.eu

                                                                tel.00390 5946 9025   fax. 00390 5946 7842


Dead time 28th August 2013

Please be careful to indicate your e-mail address if you like to receive the automatic confirmation of your entry.
Remember to send us also the confirmation signed by your Club for participating at the show as stated in the FIFe Rules.
Entrance Fees

30,00 Euros per cat per day (classes 1-13)

55,00 Euros per cat, special price for the participation to both shows

20,00 Euros per cat per day for Housecats and cats out of competition (maximum 3 cats and at least 1 cat in competition )  

05,00 Euros for double cage for single cat per day (click YES in the option "extra cage" on the on-line entry form, automatically the cat will be charged of 5,00 Euros per day)

10,00 Euros for Colour Class confirmation

05,00 Euros Catalogue

FIFe exhibitors coming from other Countries  can pay the entrance fees at their arrival or to Mr. Mauro Ferrari within August 28th, to the following Bank:

Banca Popolare  dell'Emilia Romagna

IBAN code: IT32Z0538712908000002078811    BIC   BPMOIT22XXX   under the name   Ferrari Mauro

Program valid for Saturday only:

7,30 8,30    Cat entrance and veterinarian inspection.

                        Cat that will be presented for both days will be inspected on Saturday only                

                        Further news will be sent to each exhibitor few days before the show

9,15                Secretariat accepts changes of the classes or correction to the catalogue. Start of the Control class

10,00            Start of the judging

15,30             Best in Show 

19,00             End of the show

21,00             Gala Dinner 

Program valid for  Sunday:

7,30 8,30    Cat entrance and veterinarian inspection.

                        For Cats that will be presented  on Sunday only                

8,30 - 8,45    Secretariat accepts changes of the classes or correction to the catalogue

8,45 - 9,00    Control classes

9,30               start of the judgings

16,30             Best in Show after Kittens/Juniors awards

18,30 - 19,00  Miss / Mister PIACENZA 2013 (the best cat applauded by the visitors)

19,00             End of the show

   Veterinarian requirements

Cats accepted for the exhibition must be healthy, free from viruses and parasites diseases.  All cats must be vaccinated against rabies (aged up to 5 months), respiratory viral disease and panleucopenia at least 30 days, but no more than 12 months prior to the show, pet passport is request.

Cats for the show should have their nails cut and white cats must present certificate which states that bilateral deafness is not present.  

Only kittens aged more than 4 months can be entered at the show

At the Show

Only cats older than 4 months, listed in the catalogue and which have passed the veterinary control will be authorized to enter the Show.

In accordance with FIFe Rules, during the exhibition cats must remain in assigned cages. Moving of cages or changing numbers is strictly prohibited. Cats are not allowed to stay into the cages during the night. Exhibitors are allowed to present their cats to the Judge.

In the cages must be placed, drinkable water, litter sand, catfood.

Participation is open to all FIFe cats provided that they are regularly registered in the L.O. or Riex book in their own Country. The entries must be signed by the Club at which they belong. 

For organization reasons, the Organizing Committee has the authority to substitute the Judges that are unable to come or to call the new Judges if necessary.


Promotional rates have been negotiated for show participants. 

At the reservation please specify that you will come for the cat show 

Information will be available soon


How to get to the Show Hall BY CAR

Latitudie 45 02 32 N - Longitude 09 45 06 O

Motorway A  1 exit PIACENZA SUD

MotorwayA 21 exit PIACENZA SUD

Piacenza is located at about 60 Km South from Milan.

The show hall is just outside the motorway

We wish you a pleasant stay in the city famous for the hospitality and  the very good food. 

You are welcome if you will attend the Saturday dinner 

Please send your reservation together with the entries of your cats, if you like to join us, thank you.

 We also wish you great success for your beloved cats.

The Show Organization